General FAQs

New Patients

Yes we are happily accepting new patients!  

Previous medical records or any history you may have should be brought to the animal’s appointment. Owners are encouraged to authorize consent for us to obtain their pets previous records prior to their scheduled appointment. 

Please find the new patient form below, this can be filled out and brought to your pets first appointment. 

Please arrive 10 minutes early to check in and fill out any paperwork that has not yet been completed.


Cancellation Policy

24-hour notice is required for all cancellations. A missed appointment fee may be charged.


Prescription Refills

Please allow for at least 1 business day for medication refills. If the medication needs to be ordered in it may take approximately 3-5 days. Medication refills are at the veterinarian’s discretion and will be based on what is best for the safety and continued health of the pet. 



In the event of an emergency, call us immediately and we will give you instructions to help get your pet the most appropriate immediate attention. If it is out of our regular office hours, please call an animal emergency clinic IMMEDIATELY. Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre (VAERC) is the closest ER clinic to us located 2303 Alberta St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 4A7; phone number: (604) 879-3737.


We are accepting exotic patients and see small mammals including rabbits and rodents, as well as reptiles, amphibians, birds etc. Please call us to schedule an appointment.


Medical Procedure FAQs


Vaccines are the best way to protect against disease. Vaccines stimulate your pets immune system which primes their immune system to develop protection against a specific disease or illness.

Vaccine reactions post vaccination are rare, and most animals will have no symptoms at all after vaccination. Temporary swelling or pain around the injection site or temporary loss of appetite or fatigue may be observed and can be monitored. If these symptoms persist for more than 24 hours or any other signs occur, contact us immediately.


General Anesthetic

General anaesthetic (GA) may be required if your pet is to undergo a surgical procedure. Prior to putting your pet under GA a full comprehensive physical exam will be done and pre-surgical blood/urine tests are recommended in order to ensure that it is safe to proceed with GA in your pet. If any concerns or abnormalities are found, further tests or diagnostics will be recommended. Full monitoring of the animal is performed throughout GA using specialized equipment and trained vets/veterinary technicians in anesthesia.


Pain Management

At WKEAC our Veterinarians use a multi-modal pain model, using many different pain management medications and approaches to address and properly control pain. These vary depending on the age, health status and level of pain of the individual patient. 


Spays And Neuters

At WKEAC we encourage spaying (female animals) and neutering (male animals) of all pets. This is done at or around the age of 6 months for both procedures. Spaying is also called an ovariohysterectomy and is the removal of the ovaries and uterus in female animals. Neutering is the removal of the testicles in male animals.  Prior to the surgical procedure, your pet will receive a complete physical examination by the attending veterinarian. A microchip is included with this procedure if your pet does not already have one.


Post-Op Care

When your pet comes in for an operation, post operative care will be reviewed with you in detail by members of our veterinary team. Post operative care will vary depending on the procedure performed and the requirements the veterinarian feels necessary for each individual case.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the above information/FAQs or with any other questions you may have.